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Why is it important to have an effective QC process?

Serving top Fortune 500 companies and delivering over Million leads, we realized that the only way to get renewals and make sure that clients succeed in getting the desired ROI is a very tight QC process.

Why us?

Centralized Recording Software 

We install a cloud based centralized recording solution where our QC team extracts recordings. This way, no vendor can actually edit the call recording.

Voicemail to Recording Match

We have a process that matches the voice of the customer with the Voicemail to check if they spoke to the same prospect or not.

Re-verifying contact and company info

We have a team that verifies phone numbers and prospects profiles over the web. Also, we verify all contacts and company information before we pass on the lead.


Check whether the lead is GDPR compliant and experience in setting up and uploading leads on Convertr and Integrate! Also send Content to the Called / Emailed Prospects.

Outcome of Calls & Reporting

Provide outcome of all calls made by the partner. Daily Reporting and Analysis on each vendor, campaign and call.

QC Check & Call Recordings

QC then listens to the call and qualifies leads on the basis of the spec of the campaign. We will also provide 100% call Recordings.

You need a partner who is innovative!

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