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Fake Leads Shrinking Your Clients’ ROI?

Say Good-Bye to Fake Leads, Combat Lead Fraud, and Maximize Your Lead Generation ROI

Reaffirm The Quality of Your Leads

Did you know on an average 41% of the leads delivered by lead generation partners are fake?

Unfortunately, the demand generation industry is plagued by bad actors who either submit fake or incomplete information, recycle old or stolen data, or tamper lead files and recordings.

It is thus crucial to monitor and verify the quality of leads before you start pursuing them.

The QC Platform gives you complete control to launch, access, and manage your Lead Quality Check Campaign and help you ascertain the quality of your leads.

Improve Your Lead Generation ROI

Did you know many of our clients are considering partnering with different vendors because of fake leads?

For instance, a few of our clients have reported that a prospect they approached did not even work for the company as mentioned in the lead database! 

Imagine what these leads mean for your business?

  • Since these leads have been processed they have eroded your marketing and acquisition budget.
  • And they will continue to drain yours/ your clients marketing and sales teams’ time and budget till they stay in your system.

With the QC Platform, you can clean-up your vendor-supplied lead database and filter only high-quality ‘genuine’ leads.

This means no more spending your resources on false leads and getting the maximum out of your lead generation campaign.

Quality Checks Customized Just For You

The QC Platform is an easy to use interface where you can simply upload your Lead Campaigns, choose Full QC for an in-depth quality check of your leads. And if you have special requirements, the QC platform helps you chose the specifics and customize the service requests for your campaigns.

How do I start?

Sign up to QC Platform by clicking here.

Create a new campaign by following below steps.

Service Types

The QC platform offers an array of quality checks to fit your campaign requirements.

  1. Phone and Data Verification
    1. Verification of the contact details (phone number) of the prospects’.
    1. Data verification based on the prospects’  social media account and data in the public domain.
  2. Data Correction

In case data is incorrect or missing the correct information (if available or found)is appended to the appropriate field(s).

3. Match IO

If you have specific requirements like matching the Job Titles, Revenue, Employee Size, ABM, Suppression etc. or any other special requests; you can mention those while you upload the campaign and they will be matched during the verification process.

This includes

Job Title: Specific Job Titles you are targeting in your campaign

Specify Company Size: Employee Headcount of the companies in you are targeting

Specify Industry: Accepted Business Verticals

Specify Geography: If you have narrowed down on Countries

Provide Custom Question and Answers: Any custom questions and answers that should be a part of the recording or pitch

Specify Revenue: If you are targeting prospects (companies) around a specific Revenue (in USD)

Special Request: If you have any special requests or instructions for the QC team; we would be happy to help

Target Account: Accounts that you are targeting

Suppression List: If you want to suppress (or deny) specific Accounts or Contacts you can specify here

Script: For recording forensics, you can upload the script with which our QC teams can match recording(s)

Assets: You can even upload assets like white-papers, case studies, e-books, etc. that you have used in this campaign

Compulsory Privacy Policy: If there is a compulsory to specify privacy policy for a particular region, you can mention here. For eg. If GDPR/ CASL or any other country law Compliant is Active?

4. Recording Review

Our QC will listen to the recordings to evaluate their authenticity.

For example, Asset Name and description are accurate, greetings and closing are done right, if the caller has confirmed the basic information like email, title, etc. and if custom questions and answers follow with the script.

5. Recording Forensics

Recording forensics software and the QC Team analyze the recording files to determine if the call has been edited

6. Full QC

Full QC covers all the above services and is highly recommended.

Lead Insights Delivered To Your Inbox

Once you upload your lead campaign, you can sit back and relax while we deliver the campaign report and insights about your leads to your inbox.

Power Up Your Demand Generation Campaigns with the QC Platform

Bad leads are bad for your business, not only in terms of money and resources but reputation too. With the QC Platform in-depth verification of the quality of your leads, you can

  • Significantly improve your/ your clients’ RoI
  • Identify and combat lead fraud
  • Get more orders from existing customers
  • Avoid sending leads to your clients that don’t work
  • Monitor your lead generation partners
  • Pay only for authentic leads

Sign Up Now and Transform Your Demand Generation Campaign

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