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The QC Platform – Launched

TrueQC Announces Launch of TrueQC Flagship Service: The QC Platform

Combating Lead Fraud

TrueQC launched The QC Platform, a flagship service on Jan 20, 2020. The QC Platform is an all-new simplified interface for the marketers to ascertain the quality of the leads in different Demand Generation Campaigns.

With the QC Platform we aim to combat the lead fraud plaguing the lead generation industry and ensure that only high quality, validated leads reach our clients.” says Danny Sachdev, CEO, TrueQC.

Features and benefits of the QC Platform include

  • Simplified interface to launch your Lead Quality Check Campaign.
  • Easier access, management, and control.
  • Support for diverse campaign requirements from Job Types, Companies, Revenue, Location, Industry, and much more.
  • Customizable Service Requests
  • QC services like verification, correction, recording forensics, reviews, etc.
  • Full Quality Check (QC) on all Leads.
  • Campaign reports delivered to the inbox.

QC Platform is available now with Free 500 Credits at Sign Up. Click here for more information on the QC Platform.

About TrueQC: TrueQC was established to assure the quality of the Lead Generation Process. We are committed to eliminate lead fraud and ensure that only quality leads reach our clients’ lead database. We have a multi-step verification process to validate and verify all your leads of diverse campaigns. And we have been successful in ensuring quality leads to fit clients’ specifications and boost their RoI.

Media Contact

Nirmala Devi
Marketing Director - TrueQC

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